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Nehemiah - Preparing for Glorious Restoration

August 3, 2015 by Pastor Nic 0 comments

"Preparing for Glorious Restoration"

Leadership is only as good as the vision it is leading others toward. Nehemiah had a grand vision and led others with it, and lived in expectation of its fulfillment. That vision: The Glorious Restoration by the coming Messiah!
There was no reason to think that the return from exile wouldn't begin the great Day of the Lord and the glorious restoration of all things. In Nehemiah's mind, the release from exile back into the land meant that the days of the Messiah were coming soon. (Jer.25:12,29:10-14) This anticipation moved him, literally, from the comforts of Babylon to the hard task of rebuilding Jerusalem's walls, preparing the people of God, and many other tasks. But he cannot do it himself. So, he equips, leads, prepares, and sends many more men to help him fulfill this vision.
I ask myself if our vision and task is any different today? Hasn't the Messiah already come, and promised to return again? Shouldn't the church lead, and live with anticipation of the returning Messiah? Yes! Let us lead and live with anticipation knowing the promise of His second coming. Let us "stay awake" (Mark 13:32-37) and look forward to His return with much anticipation, and let us live now, knowing that a final Glorious Restoration is coming.

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