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Dependant on a Promise

August 13, 2015 by Pastor Nic 0 comments

Last week we got into the basis for Nehemiah's motivation in returning to the land, which was his expectation of Glorious Restoration, brought by the coming Messiah. What we see in Nehemiah Ch.1 is that the backbone for his motivation was a promise that God had given to His people. Nehemiah could trust the promise that God had given because God is trustworthy! God, being most excellent in quality and character, gave a promise to His people long ago, which Nehemiah is acutely aware of, that if His people would turn to Him He would restore them to the land. Nehemiah remembers that God is a "great and awesome God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments." (1:5) So he is encouraged by God's promise and acts accordingly. But we would only be telling part of the story if we thought the promise was limited only to Israel and the land.

The promise that Nehemiah recalls is a specific one made to Moses, but it is one that was told even further made to Abraham. God promised Abraham that he would be "the father of many nations" (Gen. 12:1) and that the people would dwell in the land (Gen.12:6). But what the writers of the New Testament, namely in Romans 4, Galatians 2-4 and the book of Hebrews, go in great detail to tell us is that the promise made to Abraham was really a promise to the church! Abraham is the father of the nation of Israel, but more importantly he is the father of all of those who are justified by faith! Abraham believed in God's promise and was justified by faith, Moses believed God's promise and was justified by faith, Nehemiah believed God's promise and was justified by faith, and so too, the believer who believes in the promise of God held out to sinners in the gospel will be justified by faith!
Those who are justified by faith have a promise of the Messiah's second coming. Just as Nehemiah walked by faith in the expectation of the coming Messiah, so too, we should walk by faith with the expectation of the coming Messiah! So how are you living? Are you living a life of faith in the promise that whatever it may cost you in this life in order to gain Christ is worth it?

North Hills Christian Church has a vision: "To see Christ exalted and lives transformed" is that the vision for you? Holding on to the promises that:
1.) Jesus is coming back
2.) That Jesus is working in you
3.) Jesus is with you
should help motivate you to live now for the reward of the promise to come and to live a live where Christ is exalted.

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