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Growth and Expansion

August 26, 2016 by Pastor Jim Smith 0 comments

North Hills Family,

As summer winds down and the air gets a bit crisper, I begin to anticipate a new season of growth and change as we strive, by faith, to exalt Christ and see lives transformed. It's with thanksgiving that I reflect on this past season and God's abundant provision for us at North Hills.

With our new Ministry Center pretty much completed, I'm excited to see what God is already doing in our midst. As you know, one big motivation for securing a space is to facilitate our outreach into the community, primarily through a Biblical counseling ministry. I've had a burden to care for people in this specific way since about 2002. In God's timing and by bringing the right people and resources together, the time has come for us to step out in faith to reach hurting people in our area.

Under Nic's leadership, he and Angie are already meeting with several people offering Gospel hope and help in practical ways. Please continue to pray for them and others God is calling to this ministry. I'm thrilled that so many of you will be attending the North Creek Counseling Training (NCT) this fall, as our goal is for North Hills to become a place where this kind of counseling/discipleship is modeled by everyone.

I also thank God for new opportunities to expand our global outreach, particularly as we serve God's church in Harar, Ethiopia. Under Glenn's leadership, our Missions Team is forming to "Spread the Passion and Build the Kingdom" through inspiring and educating our church to pray, support, and participate in this work. Stay tuned for more information this September on how to get involved.

In addition to utilizing the Ministry Center for counseling and missions, we also have plans for fellowship events, classes, and seminars.
For example, our Adult Sunday School will soon be offered at 1pm so all of our faithful Sunday servants will be able to attend. With our now completed kitchen, we may even make it a lunch!

Lastly, remember to prayerfully consider participating in one of our small groups for regular Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. I still believe this is one of the best ways to build a community of faith, hope, and love and practice the "One Another" commands of the New Testament. Feel free to contact the church office or sign up for a group on Sunday, September 4th. I look forward to seeing this vital ministry expand greatly as we head into 2017, for God's glory and our gain.

Together thanking Him for His great mercy and grace,


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