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February 25, 2015 by Pastor Jim Smith 0 comments

North Hills Family,

Thanks for praying for me while I was in Ethiopia. Everything went smoothly and we came back unscathed in spite of some INSANE traffic and interesting food.

The trip was great. Pastors responded positively to our messages and many friendships were established. There is solid leadership there with a clear strategy for reaching this region with the gospel. A strong desire exists to redeem the pulpit through expository preaching (Which we modeled through our messages), and to help pastors shepherd their flocks.

Challenges include reaching Muslims, the Orthodox Church, and those influenced by the so called prosperity gospel. Land has been purchased and a pastor training center is being built to help accomplish this formidable task. They need resources, so I'm thinking we might provide solid books and materials to help English speakers and to be translated into the local language.

Please pray about our ongoing ministry there. I think it's a good fit for us as we seem to have what they need. George and Glenn Ripley from Crossroads are excellent leaders and strategists who love the Lord and teach the Word with passion and clarity. I'm confident this would be a great partnership along with the strong leadership from Campus Crusade and the local church in Eastern Ethiopia.

If you want to hear more, please join us on March 1, from 6-7:30 pm, at the Crossroads Ministry Center. And please continue to pray for wisdom for how we can be involved......

For His glory and for the extension of His Kingdom,


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